Tips for Bremen and surroundings

Tourist sights of the hanseatic city Bremen

The most famous sight of Bremen is probably the statue of the Bremen Town Musicians. Well-known by the fairy tale of Brothers Grimm, donkey, dog, cat and cock can be found as bronze statue on the market square in Bremen city centre. Take a selfie with the four famous animals. Otherwise nobody will believe that you were in Bremen. Two more important sights are only a few steps from the statue. Discover the UNESCO World Heritages, the Town Hall and the statue “Roland”. One more must-see in Bremen is the Cathedral St. Petri. Step inside and admire the great architecture of that building!

Districts of Bremen – Something for every taste

In Bremen you can explore 24 districts in total. Everybody will find a favorite one: Maybe the historical “Bremer City” or the beautiful and relaxed “Schlachte” at the riverside. Youngsters would probably prefer the modern districts like “Überseestadt” or “Viertel”. In the evening, especially the “Schnoorviertel” is worth a visit. Here you can stroll through cute and narrow alleys and dine in one of the cozy restaurants there. You like to spend a long night out in Bremen? We recommend the “Viertel” for you with its various bars and clubs.


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